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The airfield

In order to use the airfield, you must obtain special permission from owners pursuant to the aerodrome concession granted by the Civil Aviation Authority. This means in practice that you have to call or email us and get such permission before you arrive. Members of Steigen Luftsportsforening or members of member clubs can obtain a standing permit for use this year. If you are a member and wonder how this should be done, please contact us. If you wish to become a member, please contact us. Operational information for flying is available on this page Everyone using the airport is obliged to check this page before each visit. Here you will find information about weather, local NOTAM, documentation and more.

Weather data

About 1 km east-north-east of the airport there is a weather station. The purpose of the weather station is to provide weather data for air traffic about wind (to determine landing direction, predict turbulence and calculate landing and start distance), temperature (eg calculate landing / start distance and predict possible Smooth running), humidity (for example, predicting clouds, poor visibility, carburettor and airplane ice) and air pressure (for example, calculating start / landing distance and adjusting the pressure altimeter).

The airport weather data adapted to pilots can be found on the page “Operational Information” ( The data may contain errors, but if you use the information with caution, they are still helpful to get a better picture of weather conditions. We also have a windsock on the left side of threshold RWY23.

Weather data presented in a more “popular” way, we have gathered here. These data may be more inaccurate than above and should not be used in conjunction with flight.

Club lodge

Club hut can be used by visitors. If you have not previously visited the cabin, just contact and you will get information about key and usage. As of June 6, 2017 there are 2 gas ovens for heating the room, a gas grill, 2 beds without bed linen and table and chairs. So it is a good idea to spend both day and night visits. Water is worse, so this should be brought or agreed with us in advance. The cottage has eroded. We can not guarantee that there is gas on the bottles at any time, please call in advance if this is desired.

Car / fence

Car can be driven right up to the airport cabin, but you can park outside the fence if you do not have to drive down. The gate in the fence must ALWAYS be closed. Also for quick visits. If we get animals within the fences it may be a whole job to get them out again and animals on the landing strip are very dangerous.


At the 2017 annual meeting we agreed to create a voluntary price list that people can pay if they want. There is a lot of work and some expenses to keep the strip and clubhouse, so payment is received with very big thanks. The following payment methods work well:

VIPPS: Engeløy flyplass, Elvik (ENEN) or VIPPS number 105577 and choose what you want to pay for. Remember to complete the purchase, otherwise the money will not be sent.

BANK: Pay to our Norwegian account number 4509 23 43557. IBAN NO5545092343557, SWIFT SNOWNO22. Remember to note what the payment applies.


Landing fee (one charge per day irrespective of landings) NOK 50,-

Day visit clubhouse (incl. Use of grill, gas heater, dass etc.) NOK 25,-

Accommodation club cabin NOK 75,-